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Hello Beloveds!

I am a graduate of the Maryland University of Integrative Health with a master’s degree in Transformative Leadership and Social Change. I chose the path that led me to finding my passion and the need in the world. I am also a certified Law Of Attract Love Coach specialized in self-love, dating, relationships & intimacy.

My journey started after I noticed the disparity in married couples staying together for a lifetime. When I was a child, divorce was rare. After I became an adult, got married, one year later birthed a child and two years later divorced---I observed that families were no longer staying together---the number of divorced parents had increased exponentially. It was later in life, when I realized how my whole life experiences, beginning with my loveless childhood, my dating seasons and my failed marriage---all led me to my purpose, my passion & the need in the world. It was a rough road and because of it, I can relate to others on so many levels.

I am passionate about teaching & coaching others about spiritual love & marriage. Moreover, Self-love & the partnership love that is everlasting are most significant because this is the root of where it all begins & ends. Love affects every other aspect of our lives and others. What we know and experience about love goes from one generation to the next. Love is a powerful medicine. As a practitioner of being a healing presence to all I encounter---it is my mission to inspire the world about the spiritual love that cultivates a loving partnership that is everlasting for generations to come.

Terumi Culmer

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