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The Purpose Of Marriage

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Marriage is the transition into the Next Level of Mastery! Just like most everything in life, marriage has a deeply rooted purpose! When you know the intention of a specific subject, you are better equipped to make the decision that will lead you to your intended goal.

If you are single and dating to find the one, join me in this powerful class! Ideal for singles that want a lifelong marriage that is deeply connected with their spouse. These teachings are about the four seeds of intention that will give you insight into marriage, clarity on finding the one, and ultimately transform how you approach loving your spouse for the long haul!

This is a two-hour zoom session! The class is definitely for you if you are dating, contemplating marriage, or unsure about marriage. Engaged couples, newlyweds, and divorcees will also benefit!

To be inspired about love and marriage, you may register for the class at! For more information, call or email Terumi Culmer at 410.717.8693 /

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