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Why Marriage? Why Now?

How do we determine if marriage is the next step if our beliefs about marriage have been stretched beyond the sacred covenants? Are we really going with the anything goes mentality? Society has implemented so many gray areas that the true meaning of real love and the foundation of marriage is convoluted. Moreover, because the boundaries of unity are blurred, we question if true love and happiness is actually possible in a marital partnership. Marriage was never meant to be obscure. In fact, the foundation of marriage has always been solid and sacred since the beginning of time.

The most important message to get from this blog is---marriage is NOT for everyone! Timing is everything!! And let us go back to the covenants for marriage that were established to cultivate loving partnerships that are everlasting! Without the embodiment of the sacred covenants, the intended purpose of marriage cannot be accomplished. Unity requires loyalty, trust, unconditional love, vulnerability, intimacy and commitment over a lifetime. When we neglect the spiritual aspect of marriage, we make unwise decisions about who we choose as a partner, loving our spouse for the long haul, and our availability as participants in what I call one of the most extraordinary partnerships you could create with another sacred being. Marriage is one of the few commitments in life that I would say, there are no gray areas! You are either in or you're out. You are loving or you are hurting. You are creating trust or you are creating fear. You are withholding or you are sharing. To learn about how you are available and to discover how to be active participants in your relationship, RSVP below!

RSVP for the live webinar: The Deep-Rooted Purpose of Marriage scheduled monthly on select Sundays at 11:30 AM. Go to click In The Spirit of Love Teachings at the top of the page or contact Terumi Culmer at 410 717 8693 /

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