Limited to 25 participants. 2-hour virtual love revival scheduled once a month on Sundays: This love revival offers a fundamental overview of the four seeds of intention (G.I.M.P.) that will assist you in determining how you are available for marriage and others---if you are not available. When you embody the four seeds of intention, you have clarity about yourself, and a whole new perspective is received when you participate in loving another sacred soul for a lifetime through awareness. 

The Deep-Rooted Purpose of Marriage is a phenomenal beginning for singles, including those engaged, to better understand your availability for marriage and what is vital for cultivating a profoundly loving connection over the years. Especially remarkable for newlyweds as you experience the everyday adventures that arise during the crucial early years of unity. This love revival will awaken you to acknowledge what you need to calibrate within yourself to show up in the fullness of who you are. You become more aware of how you actively participate in the present moment to create the experiences you want. As you are cognizant of the purpose of marriage, you have clarity of your availability and understand when and if marriage is a good choice for you. No one arrives knowing it all. Attending this love revival will expand your awareness. Click buy now below. ----$344