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This is a two-hour virtual webinar for individuals wanting to be ready for a lifetime loving partnership deeply connected in marriage. This session is limited to fifteen registrations. You also have the option for private sessions. Contact Terumi at


Marriages today often reflect what is missing---The Deeper-Rooted Purpose of Marriage. Awareness of the deeper purpose of marriage awakens us to know our availability for unity and how to participate more fully daily in our marital partnership. Marriage is a transition to the next level of mastery with your partner. The transition into marriage is not the same as before your wedding day. Participation requires a conscious awareness approach to how you interact with each other. Everything you create at the beginning of your marriage affects how you respond to each other in the coming years! Learn about the seeds of intention vital for embodiment. These seeds remain dormant until you encounter resistance in your marriage. These seeds are activated to help you receive the more profound understanding necessary to take you to the next level of mastery with your spouse. And as you find new ways and solutions to advance your rhythm of we-ness, love deepens, and you feel seen, heard, and felt by your spouse.


The benefit of attending this webinar will impact you in the following ways:

  • Acknowledge how you are available for marriage

  • Expanded awareness of long-term loving for a lifetime

  • Attract the ideal partner for marriage

  • Tools for personal and partnership growth

  • Awaken the lover in you


As you are cognizant of The Deep-Rooted Purpose of Marriage, you know your availability and make wise decisions before deciding marriage is the next step. No one arrives knowing it all. Attending this live webinar will undoubtedly expand your awareness. Join us for conversations you are yet to have about love, marriage, and more! Click the Emerge As Love button below to register!

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