"YOU are NOT a drop in the ocean. YOU are the ENTIRE ocean, in a DROP."---RUMI

Coaching Packages: PAY-IN-FULL & SAVE

Couples - Four sessions: $1000 | Six sessions: $1500

Singles - Four sessions: $640 | Six sessions: $960 | Eight Sessions: $1280



Sacred Self Journey (Marriage one day...)

YOU ARE A POWERFUL CREATOR! Whom are you stripped of the conditions of family, society, and upbringing? We are physical and non-physical beings here to experience life in both forms. As co-creators with God/Universe/Source, we are powerful creators who manifest the life we desire. 

We just have to be ready to receive and acknowledge it. This journey is for singles that want to be conscious deliberate creators of their lives! To awaken to your full potential of who you are, call or click the button below to schedule a fifteen-minute free consultation. 

Dating (Wanting to meet the one?)

WHAT ARE YOU READY FOR? What are you attracting? What are your intentions for dating? What you are experiencing tells the story of what you are ready for. When we date unconsciously, we receive the same back to us. If you date as a victim you attract predators. Alignment and awareness are a necessary part of attracting the sacred being that is the ultimate one for you. Everything in our experience shows up because it is what is needed to evolve into a better version of ourselves and to also know what we want. When you are ready to see what it takes to meet the ultimate one, call or click the contact button to schedule a fifteen-minute free consultation!

Love Relationship (Still Single)

ARE YOU FEELING CONFUSED OR STAGNANT IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP? How are you setting into motion a vision that represents your highest good? Are you reacting to your emotions or proactive in how you want to respond to each other? How do you express what you want from your mate? What are your expectations? Are you implementing creative thinking in what you want or are you responding to the meaningless thoughts that cause a reactive emotion? Listen to your inner voice so you are communicating from a more empowered alignment. Learning to listen is an art. Receive clarity about what you want so there is more joy in your life. You are more powerful than you think! Call or click the button below to schedule a fifteen-minute free consultation. 

Divorced (On a new path)

ARE YOU FEELING CONFUSED OR UNSURE ABOUT LIFE? DIVORCE doesn't have to be a bad situation. After all, we are all on our own path in this earth school of life! As you understand how powerful of a creator you are, life is more amazing! We are all unique and have our own personal journey to becoming more of ourselves. We don't just arrive here. If divorce left you feeling low and you want to feel a sense of being back in control of your life, call or click the button below to schedule a fifteen-minute free consultation. 





I am passionate about guiding singles on their Sacred Self journey! Real love truly begins with the intimate connection that you have with the sacred part of yourself. As you tune into the awareness of all that you are---you become masterful creators of manifesting what you want in relationships. I specialize in coaching dating singles that want to be in a healthy loving partnership that eventually leads to marriage. Similarly, I enjoy working with newlyweds and married couples that want to rejuvenate their connection! I can help you to get the results you want to have a thriving connection! Are you ready for what you are wanting? Contact me to know more!



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