"YOU are NOT a drop in the ocean. YOU are the ENTIRE ocean, in a DROP."---RUMI

Sacred Self Journey

YOU ARE A POWERFUL CREATOR! Whom are you stripped of the conditions of family, society, and upbringing?  We are physical and non-physical beings here to experience life in both forms. As co-creators with God/Universe/Source, we are empowered to manifest the life we desire. We just have to be ready to receive it. This journey is for singles that want to be a conscious deliberate creator of their life. To align with your sacred self, call or click the button below to schedule a consultation. 


WHAT ARE YOU READY FOR? What are you attracting? What are your intentions for dating? I can help you to attract the partner you desire. Unconditional love alignment is a necessary part of attracting your soulmate. When you are ready for this path, call or click the button below to schedule a consultation. 

Love Relationship

ARE YOU FEELING CONFUSED OR STAGNANT IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP? How are you setting into motion a vision that represents your highest good? Learn to align with your inner voice so you are communicating from a more empowered alignment. Receive clarity about what you want so there is more joy in your life. You are more powerful than you think. Call or click the button below to schedule a consultation. 


Marital Partnership: 

ARE YOU FEELING DISCONNECTED FROM YOUR SPOUSE? Or maybe you just want to resolve recurring concerns you are having in your partnership. To take your partnership to the next level call or click the button below to schedule an appointment. 


Coaching Packages:

Couples - Four sessions: $1000 | Six sessions: $1500

Singles - Four sessions: $600 | Six sessions: $900 | Eight Sessions: $1200



Are you feeling stagnant or just not ​getting the fulfillment you want in your personal life? Or maybe you are having reoccurring issues that don't seem to get resolved? Are you constantly attracting the same kind of mate that is not being accountable in your relationship? Or maybe you and your partner are drifting apart and you want to make the shift that deepens your connect. I can help you to get the results you want to have a thriving relationship! Call for a complimentary consultation!

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