"Relationships - A ship that carries us into participation in fields

that are larger than ourselves."---Michael Beckwith


In honor of my connection to you, I am available as a certified Law of Attraction Love Coach to guide you in the Spirit of Love, inspiring you to be fully present to harness unity. Whether I am performing, teaching, or coaching, possibilities exist to activate the spiritual love within you to create at your highest potential to manifest the partnership that you desire!


In The SPIRIT of LOVE Teachings will transform the way you love.  When embodied, the seeds of intention for marriage will inspire and awaken you to the blissful connection your soul so deeply desires!  Whether you are on the Sacred Self journey exploring to know yourself more intimately or wanting to love another sacred soul in preparation for a deeper connection---marriage, the intention of A Sacred Love Sanctuary is to plant the seeds while you are single---dating or engaged.  Learn about cultivating a loving partnership that is everlasting.  The journey first begins with you tuning into all that you are and then being available to extend yourself to the luminous being that you love.  I recommend that you start with The Deep-Rooted Purpose of Marriage and then after you've completed the class, select the courses that resonate most with you.  You may also select the bundle package.  Marriage is the beauty of two, birthing a unique oneness connection, while both continue to grow into the fullness of who each is!



One session: 2-hour - Singles | Engaged | Newlyweds | Divorcees

Marriage is not for everyone!!  It is the awakened you ready and available to make the transition into the next level of mastery---of loving one beautiful soul for a lifetime.  When you are cognizant about the purpose of marriage, you can then consciously know how you are available in a sacred partnership with another aligned being and you'll understand when and if marriage is a good choice for you.  I can share with you this little life lesson---marital life is much more than coexisting together and doing the everyday routine.  Marriage will reveal the deeper part of your soul and take you to a higher plane than you've ever been before when you are open to embodying the sacredness of all that unity encompasses!  Are you ready?  Hit the BOOK NOW button!

AGAPE: Spiritual Love

One session: 1-hour & 45-minutes - Individuals | Couples

The greatest love of all flows within you in your alignment with your higher self.  Spiritual love is our natural state of being.  In this alignment, you are unconditional love which means you are attracting the same vibration.  You are connected with God, Source, Universe, higher power.  Unconditional love is the acceptance of all that you are and your mate too.  Understand the power of real love, it is transformational!  Click the consultation button at the bottom of this page.

SACRED SELF: Freedom, Joy & Growth

Two Sessions: 1-hour & 45-minutes - Singles | Couples

Whether you are seeking a soulmate love or just want to live a more joyful single life, this journey is for you.  You are so much more than you realize.  To intimately love yourself is vital for all that you desire in your life.  You are the only one that is responsible for your happiness.  Take the journey that will give you clarity for your personal happiness and open the door to self-care that will attract all that you desire to feel joyful, free, and fulfilled!  Click the consultation button at the bottom of this page.


Recommended - Two session: 1-hour & 45-minutes - Singles | Couples

This is your relationship evolved.  After your wedding day and your life gets back to the routine, some of you may ask if married life is different.  The answer is YES!  Many of us follow the road well-traveled.  Meaning we do what comes easy and is comfortable.  Marriage is a higher level of commitment.  Unity requires both individuals to contribute to having a successful love partnership.  Learn about unity and what is vital to cultivate a loving partnership that is everlasting.  This session is powerful and will open your eyes to a deeper understanding of marriage and the elements that are essential for loving a lifetime and beyond.  Create your vision for love today!  Click the consultation button at the bottom of this page.



Recommended - Three sessions: 1-hour & 45-minutes - Couples

Intimacy is like a hidden treasure, yet most people avoid it.  On a subconscious level, we desperately want to be known by our partner on the deepest levels.  This means we would have to be vulnerable.  Making intimacy all about sex is not the answer.  Sex is only one part of the journey to the ultimate intimacy that each of us seeks.  When you are intimate with your partner on all the other levels of intimacy, sex is heightened.  Intimacy is an integral facet of unity because it is the connection we want.  Like a hidden treasure, marriage is the vessel for couples to explore and discover the innermost part of each other as you have never experienced before. This is what sets your partnership apart from every relationship you've ever had.  Click the consultation button at the bottom of this page.



Couples - Multiple Sessions: 1-hour & 45-minutes ($250 per session)

This is all five courses in one package.  Private sessions are for those that may simply want to get a more in-depth understanding of the devotion that is absolutely essential for advancing your union to the next level.  During each session, you will receive clarity on one of each of the four spiritual love principles.  All four love principles are a crucial facet of marriage that will allow you to understand how you are available and accountable for unity and each other.  Gain insight into marriage and take your partnership to the highest level of attainment to strengthen a connection that is eternal.  For best results, these sessions are combined with teachings and coaching, so there is a common vision to strive toward as you seek results to address current concerns or questions you may have and to embody the loving principles to guide you on your oneness journey.  Click the consultation button at the bottom of this page.


  • Expand your awareness of marriage for today's modern couples

  • Sessions - held by Zoom - One session per week in consecutive order from the comfort of your home. I am available to you no matter where you live in the US!

  • Teachings about marriage and the sacred embodiment that supports it and the four spiritual love principles (love, best version of self, unity, intimacy) that are essential for cultivating a loving partnership that is everlasting

  • Love coaching to gain insight about how you are accountable and available for each other and unity

  • Homework & practices to be applied each week

  • One free Love Coaching Session in 6 - 12 mos.

  • Practices and a vision for an extraordinary marriage to work toward every day of your union  


Ask about additional coaching packages.  Coaching sessions are available by Zoom or phone after the marriage enrichment program above.  Coaching Packages: One Session $350 | Four Sessions $1000

MARRIAGE: The Next Level Of Mastery

Online Courses: (Coming soon!)

This course offers the same information as the program above (except for the one-to-one coaching) and allows you to progress at your own pace.  Weekly modules will be released to provide daily teachings and practices.  You consciously become aware of your role in manifesting the love partnership you desire and learn to implement the daily practices until they become new habits.  The success of your marital life depends on your devotion to taking your partnership to the next level.  Without an understanding of the essential keys that are necessary to harness unity, you are just existing without a purpose and marriage definitely has a purpose!  Taking this course will proactively open your eyes to create the partnership that you desire. 

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