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Pink Cream

"Relationships - A ship that carries us into participation in fields

that are larger than ourselves."---Michael Beckwith


In honor of my connection to you, I am available as a Spiritual Love Coach to guide you on your Sacred Self-awareness journey to initiate your inner urge to emerge as lovers in your marital partnership. Whether I am performing, teaching, or coaching, you will hear your inner calling to activate the deepest part of your being! I will guide you to awaken the spiritual lover within you!


The power of infinite unconditional love goes beyond the five senses. In the Spirit of Love Teachings are all about tuning into the transformational love that is part of us all! Through these teachings, I intend to spread the Spirit of Love so that it is realized and becomes infectious worldwide.

Life is full of opposition! Without opposition, we could not become the power creators that we are. And for many, we are stuck in our heads and too secure in our comfort zones. Frequently, this causes us to be isolated from the authentic spiritual observer of who we are. Living in awareness informs us when we are in automation, distractions, and oblivion, so we are not spending massive amounts of life in an unconscious takeover! The human part of us finds it more accessible to live life in tried-and-true ways. 

Meanwhile, the "spiritual" part of us awaits patiently and constantly sends us messages to awaken! The awakening is the inner wisdom offered to us every moment of the day for as long as we breathe. All it takes is surrendering to the deep well that calls us to tune into the spiritual aspect of who we are to show up to participate in life more fully.

You have arrived here to create a more fulfilling life for yourself and those in your life. I am here to illuminate what is already within you.

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