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These virtual private sessions are for singles and couples. Each love revival provides a deeper understanding of the essential aspects of marriage. The four sessions are 1. AGAPE 2. SACRED SELF

3. UNITY 4. INTIMACY. You will receive a more detailed understanding of The Deep-Rooted Purpose of Marriage—two hours per session consecutively weekly. The number of weeks depends on your pace and embodiment of each S.L.P. You may also select the principles that interest you most instead of participating in all four love revivals. 

We all want to have a loving, deeply connected partnership in marriage. The Four Spiritual Love Principles expand on The Deep-Rooted Purpose of Marriage. After you take The Deep-Rooted Purpose of Marriage, I recommend these enrichment sessions to reach deeper awareness.

  • Expand your awareness of marriage for today's couples

  • Sessions - held by Zoom - One session per week in consecutive order from the comfort of your home. I am available to you no matter where you live in the U.S.!

  • Teachings about marriage and the sacred embodiment that is essential for cultivating a loving partnership that is everlasting

  • Spiritual love coaching to gain insight about how you are accountable and available for each other and unity

  • Weekly homework & practices

  • Initiate the vision for an extraordinary marriage

  • Bonus: The Deep-Rooted Purpose of Marriage! Free!

  • Click Buy Now for all five sessions    $1,200 individual/$1800 couple




AGAPE: Spirit of Love - Unconditional Love is tuning into the Divine

One session: 2 hours - Individuals | Couples

The most powerful love of all is unconditional love. It is pure, positive energy. Our ultimate alignment to Souce and experiencing the fullness of who we are. Available to us if we choose. Understand the power of real love. It is transformative!    $344 individual/$544 couples





SACRED SELF: Realized - Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit

One session: 2 hours (additional sessions may be necessary)

Whether you seek a soulmate or want to live a more joyful single life, this journey is for you. You are so much more than you realize. Intimately loving yourself is vital for all that you desire in your life. You are the only one that is responsible for your happiness. Take the journey that gives you more clarity for personal enjoyment and opens the door to self-care that will attract all you desire to feel joy, freedom, and fulfillment!    $344 individual /$544 couples





UNITY: ONENESS - Creating The Rhythm of Us

One session: 2 hours (additional sessions may be necessary)

Marriage is the next level for your relationship to evolve. After the wedding and you are back in the routine, some may ask if married life is different. The answer is YES! Many of us follow the road well-traveled. Meaning we do what comes easily and is comfortable. Marriage is an adventure with the one person you choose to spend a lifetime loving. You two are together to create the rhythm of life that is fulfilling for both of you. 


Marriage is a higher level of commitment requiring you to take it to the next level of mastery. Unity requires both individuals' contributions to have a successful love partnership. Learn about unity and what is vital for being on the same path to cultivate a loving partnership. This powerful session will open your eyes to a deeper understanding of marriage and the essential elements for loving a lifetime and beyond. Create your vision for love today!  $344 individual/$544 couples





INTIMACY: In-To-Me-SEE - Seen, Heard, & Felt

One session: 2 hours (additional sessions may be necessary)

Intimacy is an unpaved path waiting to be explored by you! Mindfulness of diving deep below the surface levels to be known as you have never been before. We desperately want to be known by our partners on the deepest subconscious levels. At this level, intimacy requires trust and vulnerability to come as you are.  


Sex is only part of the journey to the ultimate intimacy we seek. Understanding all aspects of intimacy is an integral facet of a lifetime partnership, especially if you want to keep love thriving for the long term. Great sex involves connecting with your partner on all levels of intimacy. Learn about the four types of intimacy. Marriage is the vessel for couples to explore and discover the innermost sacred part of each other as you have never experienced before.   $344 individual/$544 couples

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