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Are You The Right One?

Nine times out of ten, if you have to ask then perhaps it's better to wait. I recall a time in my life when I asked God to show me the answer. A billboard with his name appeared shortly after I asked for guidance! I received that as a yes! Even though my heart and soul screamed out "Don't do it!" I did it anyway. And despite the long courtship, we ended our marriage not long after. The answer is always within you in one way or another. You may be afraid or this one is not the right one for you. Either way, time always reveals the answer.

Questions to ask yourself about your partner. Has he or she shown that they can be a partner in a partnership? In their presence are you your authentic self? Is it easy for them to love you when you are being yourself? Do you both feel like you can be the best version of yourself around each other? Do they support you in your growth? How will the both you grow together in unity?

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