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The journey of true love begins with your intimate connection with the Divine & Sacred part of Yourself!
From the alignment of love, you are ready to attract the ultimate partner and participate more fully in life. 
Marriage is the sanctuary that provides the sacred atmosphere your soul seeks to be known by your spouse in ways you have never known before. Hence, you are fully present as a participant in marriage to consciously harness unity and cultivate a deeply connected, loving, everlasting partnership! Through spiritual love coaching and In The Spirit of Love teachings, I will inspire you to activate the true lover within you.

SACRED SELF: Spiritual Journey
MARRIAGE: The Next Level Of Mastery

Terumi Culmer, Minister of Love for spiritual love coaching, initiator of change, personal growth, pre-marital, soulmate connections, marriage, sacred self love, spiritual guidance

Terumi's Passion & The Need In The World 

Terumi Culmer is a graduate of the Maryland University of Integrative Health. Her Applied Healing Arts Program studies earned her a master's degree in Transformative Leadership & Social Change. Terumi later deepened her practice by acquiring certification as a Law of Attraction Coach through Quantum Success Coaching Academy. As a certified LOA Coach, Terumi guides others to be deliberate creators of their own life experiences through spiritual alignment. As an ordained minister, Terumi has performed wedding ceremonies since 2011.


Terumi's spiritual journey led her to explore and seek the truth regarding the authenticity of unconditional love. Her quest to understand the difference between love shared in dating and love in marital partnerships has inspired her passion for knowing the genuine love that grows for a lifetime and beyond. 


Terumi's alignment with love is evident in her ceremonies, coaching style, and love revivals. She inspires others to emerge as love to cultivate the intimacy pertinent to self-love and the profound connection we all long to have in our marital partnerships!

Emerge In The Spirit of Love

Every day is a new awakening offering many reasons to be a loving presence! My practice of embodying peace, love, and sagely groundedness is a natural part of who I am. Creating lasting connections and inspiring others to manifest extraordinary love stories is my reason for being. Through spiritual love coaching, teaching, and love celebrations, I encourage others to expand their awareness beyond their limitations into possibilities that will transcend how they show up in life! And if you would allow me to be part of your journey, it would mean the world to me! Emerge as love for yourself, your spouse, and future generations.

Terumi & Mark happily married,  testimony to love, soulmates, dynamic dual couple

Our Love Story

Tadashi - dog

We Create Our Experiences

Terumi and Mark have been happily married since 2010 and first met in 1984 at Dover AF Base. Timing is everything because they went their separate ways only to return to each other in 2009. They have three exceptional children. Their favorite things are exploring new adventures together, completing projects, and watching movies. Mark and Terumi are kids at heart! Their love for traveling, present-moment conversations, hiking in nature with their dog, Tadashi, and cooking together keeps their marriage thriving. Their favorite saying is, "Life is always an adventure with you, and I love it!" Mark and Terumi share a vision of dancing together in their eighties, creating the ultimate magic for them! 


Terumi loves art, pretending she's a plant doctor, nature, reading, bettas, yoga, the Hallmark channel, and being a full participant in her spiritual quest to know more!

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